• Feed Your Plants

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Feed Your Plants

As easy as making a cup of tea!

Now it's easy to give your houseplants, fruits and vegetables, herbs, and garden the benefits of compost every time you water. Just drop one of these compost tea bags into your watering can and let it steep for 10-15 minutes. Then simply wring out the teabag and water your plants as usual. Use the spray bottle for foliar application. This 100% organic, nutritionally rich tea is a natural fertilizer that provides healthy microorganisms and nutrients to rejuvenate soil, wake up tired plants, and promote vigorous growth. Each box of 12 compost teabags makes 12 gallons of compost tea.

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What is Compost Tea and how does it work?

"For Your Plants Not Your Teacup, Silly!"

Sean Merrill, Founder